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Untitled 1MSE is the leading manufacturer of centrifuges in the UK. We offer a large selection of laboratory centrifuges, laminar cabinets and ultrasonic disintegrators.

We are the first centrifuge manufacturing company in the world to switch from PCBs (printed circuit boards) to PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and as a result, providing our customers with a wider range of tools and more information at their disposal. This change can be seen in our redesigned line of products, with the first one being our Blue Force 1L centrifuge.

Our company has made great efforts in upgrading our products and although we have achieved something new that hasn’t been done in this industry, we haven’t stopped listening to our clients and their needs. Because of this, we invest great amounts of effort and time to make sure that our products are the best in the industry. 


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MSE supplies a wide selection of centrifuges and other laboratory equipment.

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