Blue Force 1L Centrifuge


Small Benchtop Centrifuges

Medium Benchtop Centrifuges

Large and Floor Standing Centrifuges

ProAir™ RangeProAir Safety Cabinets, Isolators and more

Safety Cabinets

  • Stratus (horizontal laminar airflow cabinet)
  • Cumulus (class II safety cabinet for robotics)
  • Incus (class II safety cabinet)


Vented Animal Cabinet

  • Arcus (storing and breeding rodents)

Soniprep 150 Plus Ultrasonic Disintegrator

Ultrasonic Disintegrator

Soniprep 150 Plus

  • Piezoelectric transducer
  • Sound reducing chamber
  • Choice of three different probes
  • Batch and continuous flow vessels available
  • Optional process timer unit and wattage meter
  • Maximum amplitude 17 microns

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