Acceptance of Terms

These terms and conditions are governed by and construed according to English Law and MSE (UK) Ltd submits to the jurisdiction of the English courts. MSE (UK) Ltd reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at any time and any alterations will be shown here. You may review the most current version of these terms and conditions here at any time.

Technical Advice

To the fullest extent permitted by law, MSE (UK) Ltd does not accept liability or any claims for loss, damage, personal injury or death by reason of the technical advice given through this website or by any other means. The technical information obtained via this website or any other means only relate to the current range of MSE products.

Your use of this website and the technical advice provided constitute your acceptance of these terms and conditions. 

Privacy Statement

MSE (UK) Ltd respect the privacy of visitors to this web site and will comply with the data protection acts 1984 and 1998 in respect of any personal information received. MSE (UK) Ltd will not intentionally disclose personal information to a third party without the relevant individuals consent unless obliged to do so by any law, regulation or other legally binding authority, including but not limited to governmental request. MSE (UK) Ltd cannot guarantee that information sent to it by email, or via Internet will not be intercepted or decrypted and therefore accepts no liability for such event.

Detailed technical advice provided by this website is only for use by individuals approved by MSE (UK) Ltd who have registered and been given a password. Any information given through our Members Area cannot be passed to any third party without the permission of MSE (UK) Ltd. All technical information provided by this website is for the assistance of approved individuals to repair and service MSE equipment and remains the property of MSE (UK) Ltd.

Health and Safety

The equipment supplied by MSE (UK) Ltd is intended for experimental laboratory use only.  The use of MSE equipment within such a laboratory environment may cause the unit to be contaminated with substances hazardous to health. Before implementing any of the technical advice given through our website or by any other means the user or maintenance/service agent must have taken all reasonable steps to eliminate or reduce to a minimum the risk to health and safety from these substances hazardous to health.

The technical advice from this website or by any other means must only be implemented by a competent user or trained maintenance/service agent of the equipment. The user or trained maintenance/service agent must be satisfied that the unit is safe to use or repair and that a safe system of working with the equipment will always be employed.

Consideration for electrical safety must be paramount whenever working with MSE laboratory equipment.

Special Offers

All special offers are for a limited time only.  However, MSE (UK) Ltd reserves the right to extend a special offer at any moment in time.  Special offers are not valid in conjunction with any dealer discount whether in the UK or in any other country.  Special offers do not include VAT, duty, taxes or delivery charges.  Customers who want to take advantage of any special offer will be able to do so providing MSE (UK) Ltd receives an official purchase order before the expiry date.


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