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StemXtractTM system

Cord Blood Adaptors for use in the

Cellsep 6/720R refrigerated centrifuge


Developed with a leading blood bag manufacturer and trialled in two independent blood banks, the StemXtract™ system is the only centrifuge adaptor to be dedicated specifically to the extraction of stem cells.


With advances in medicine, the benefits of harvesting stem cells from cord blood are becoming more widely recognised.

But with this new approach come centrifugation challenges.

Conventional blood bag inserts simply cannot deal effectively with varying sizes of collected sample and give inconsistent separation and poor yields. Foam padding does not adequately support the sample, leading to poor results. When there are no second chances at recovering stem cells from umbilical cords, burst bags are a disaster.

MSE can now help you meet those challenges.

Unbeatable separation, every time, for every size sample

With a range of different size inserts, ensure your samples are always fully supported, whatever their volume.

Reduced risk of bursting

Our adaptors are designed without any sharp edges, saving your irreplaceable samples. There is only one shot at harvesting the stem cells – the baby can’t be born a second time and there is only one umbilical cord.

Treat the whole sample

With separate compartments for the satellite bags and tubing, there are no pockets of trapped blood, so the whole sample is treated.

Eliminate the need for foam padding

Under the G-force needed to separate blood, foam padding simply crumples and doesn’t support the sample. It also makes it harder to pull out the bag at the end. Our StemXtract™ adaptors offer true support without any padding needed.

Access your samples easily

Our 2-part adaptor can be taken apart, allowing you to remove it from around the sample, rather than having to pull hard on the bag and risk compromising the separation.

Avoid a sudden jolting of the bag

With our 2-part adaptor system and its smooth surface, the bag can be placed right at the bottom, so it is fully supported from the start of the spin.

Patent pending.

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   Specifications of StemXtract system

used in the MSE Cellsep 6/720R

Max. Speed 3,000rpm
Max. RCF 2,500 xg
Speed Control Range 0–6,000 rpm
Speed Control Accuracy ±10 rpm
Temperature Range
Control Range 0°C to +40°C
Accuracy of Control ±2°C of set temperature
Selectable range −20°C to +40°C
Programme Store 50 programme files for all run parameters
No. Steps/Programme 8
Timer 1 minute to 99 hours, 59 minutes or continuous
Integrator 1 x 10 ^1 to 999 x 10 ^9 g-seconds; accuracy > 1 x 10 ^3 g-seconds

Dimensions of the Cellsep 6/720R

Overall Height 1,115mm
Working Height 910mm
Width 745mm
Depth 1,020mm
Weight 330kg


Ordering Information

Part Description

StemXtract™ system for cord blood bags and variable sample size bags. 

Set of 6 adaptors for use in MSE Cellsep 6/720R oval buckets 43551–127.




The only centrifuge adaptor designed

specifically for stem cell extraction


                            Easy to use


                  Effective support for the bag

                  - whatever the sample size

For use in the Cellsep 6/720R centrifuge