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Available in three different sizes, the Stratus is a horizontal laminar flow safety cabinet which ensures optimum protection of your samples against outside contamination and avoids any internal cross contamination within the chamber.  The Stratus complies with ISO 14644 offering ISO 5 protection meaning the filtered air blown inside the chamber contains less than 100 particles of 0.3µm per cubic foot.  The Stratus is a popular choice in the agro food and cosmetic industry, but its technology can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Standard Features and Customisation

The Stratus is equipped with various standard features.  However, the user is able to customise their Stratus to suit their needs.  The following features can be found on all Stratus models:

  • Flourescent tube lighting providing >750 lux luminosity
  • Flouresecent tube protected by a transparent PMMA panel for optimum cleaning
  • Polyester powder coated stand
  • Transparent side panels 6mm thick and made of PMMA
  • Anemometer located inside the work space
  • G3 prefiltration (>85% gravimetric efficiency) replaceable by the user
  • HEPA H14 absolute filtration (99.999% efficient for 0.3µm particles)
  • Electronic on/off key
  • Easy-to-use keypad displaying airflow velocity and featuring lighting and half speed buttons

The user can choose to equip their Stratus safety cabinet with the following optional features:

  • Electical outlets
  • Transfer ports located on the side panels
  • Openings on the side panels
  • Side panels made of safety glass
  • Fluid ports and gas taps
  • Solenoid gas valves controlled by a pedal
  • Adjustable stand for different working heights
  • Optional hour meter
  • Automatic (to 0.40 metres/sec) or manual airflow control
  • Integrated scales accurate to within 10 μg
  • Customised openings able to accommodate a conveyer belt

Installation and Calibration

Our engineers can calibrate your Stratus at the time of installation ensuring your laboratory is compliant.  We can carry out the following tests:

  • Airflow velocity mapping in the work area
  • Air cleanliness measurement using a 0.3µm resolution particle counter
  • Absolute filter efficiency testing
  • Airflow alarm triggering and testing

In each case, you will be presented with a Calibration Certificate showing the results of each test.

All Stratus laminar flow safety cabinets are designed to easily fit through doors for ease of installation.


Dimensions and Weight
Stratus 900
Height Int: 660mm Ext: 1130mm
Width Int: 1010mm Ext: 1030mm
Depth Int: 550mm Ext: 890mm
Weight 105kg
Stratus 1200
Height Int: 660mm Ext: 1130mm
Width Int: 1315mm Ext: 1335mm
Depth Int: 550mm Ext: 890mm
Weight 120kg
Stratus 1800
Height Int: 660mm Ext: 1130mm
Width Int: 1925mm Ext: 1945mm
Depth Int: 550mm Ext: 890mm
Weight 195kg
Stratus 900
Stratus 1200 375W
Stratus 1800 600W
Stratus 900
960 m³/h
Stratus 1200 1250 m³/h
Stratus 1800 1665 m³/h

Ordering Information

Model Description
Stratus 900 horizontal laminar flow safety cabinet (240V 50Hz)
Stratus 1200 horizontal laminar flow safety cabinet (240V 50Hz)
MNO180.SX1.2 Stratus 1800 horizontal laminar flow safety cabinet (240V 50Hz)

Stratus Safety Cabinet
Stratus Safety Cabinet 




Stratus Safety Cabinet

The Stratus safety cabinet is available in three different sizes