RCFCentrifuge Calculator

RCF Calculator

Calculation of G force or RCF (Relative Centrifugal Force).

RCF is dependent on the speed of the rotor and the distance from the centre of the motor drive shaft to the base of the sample tube (not the edge of the bucket or rotor). When you buy your MSE centrifuge, you will know the maximum speed and RCF of the rotor and its radius. However, for any speed other than maximum, you will need to calculate the RCF.

If you do not know the radius of the rotor, you will have to measure this. Sometimes this may entail a little bit of guesswork in the case of an angled rotor. The radius is measured from the centre of the rotor to the point that would be the bottom of the sample tube. Make sure you take into account any inserts and tube cushions that may be used.

The formulas for calculating RCF and RPM are as follows:


RCF Formula


To make things really easy, you can use our RCF calculator below:

RCF Calculator
Enter the radius and either the RPM or the RCF